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Zoom The evolution of Don Francisco.

The evolution of Don Francisco.

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just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the follow because seriously this blog is perfect and magical and I'm honored to be followed by you :)

Asked by notsovirginmargarita

Thank you

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Zoom I just had too..

I just had too..

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I love the music you have! It's been a while since I heard those songs. :D

Asked by popacapinsancho

haha, thanks. I get that a looooooot

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Gracias. hahahahaha esto ha llenado de luz mi dashboard hahahaha Fuck yeah mexicankidproblems

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OMG!! Your blog is my life exactly! hahahahah I'm sooo glad I found it :D now I can read all these posts and laugh and remember my childhood now that I'm grown up and out of the house, but still fearing the cinto and chancla when I'm home for school breaks :O hahahaahhah

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OMG this blog is koala-tea. Srsly. I LOVE IT. The music... the "problems'... just WOW! ME ENCANTAAAAAA

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Your blog is amazing! I cracked up soo hard it's not even funny! Keep up the childhood memories! You killed me with the "Keep Clam & avoid Chanclas" one! :p

Asked by amame-loveme

glad it can make you laugh :D

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Somos Muchos Mexicanos <3333 , me qusta tu paqina eh, me trae muchos recuerdos de cuando vivia con mi ama. :')

Asked by toqether-forever

gracias, eso es sierto, hay muchos mexicanos en tumblr<3 gracias.

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I LOVE your blog! It's all true lmao. I literally have a headache of laughing too much xD

Asked by acidery

glad it could make you laugh :)

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